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There Is Peace In Christ

 I always hated getting sick when I was young, for obvious reasons. I couldn't go out and play, I felt horrible, and I hated that burning acid in my throat every time I threw up. In those miserable times, I would just lie in bed and suffer. I remember my mom would visit me in these most desperate hours, and would scratch my back with her soft, cold hands on my fevered skin. This simple act brought so much peace and comfort. To be honest, my suffering would have been limited if I was better at taking my medicine, but we all make mistakes. To this day, if I am stressed or feeling anxious, I will often ask a friend to scratch my back, and my anxiety and fears seem to just melt away. 
  I think we all have those little things that we use to manage life when we get overwhelmed. Some people use exercise as a way to relax and unwind. Others might read an entertaining book or spend time with friends or family. These are all methods we use to help us cope and manage the everyday challenges of life. What I find interesting is... 

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Thanks for visiting my blog! My goal in sharing my experience as a Mormon who experiences Same-Sex Attraction (SSA) is to help others gain greater understanding and insight into this experience, so that they can in turn help those they love who are in my same shoes. So with that, make yourself at home! Feel free to visit the BLOG tab up top for all my posts, including the one featured on this page. The RESOURCE tab will provide videos and other articles with even more information. If you have a question, or would like me to discuss a topic in my next post, go to the CONTACT tab and send me an email. It's that easy!

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A Personal Interview with Mormon Hub

See what Mormon Hub has to say about my blog and my personal journey navigating SSA. 
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Lance Merrell
A native of Arizona, Lance currently lives in Provo, UT and studies Communications at Utah Valley University. He enjoys sharing his story and experiences with others, and loves putting a smile on your face. He loves music, cooking, and likes to indulge in good Mexican food. Lance has served in many capacities in the LDS church, including as a missionary in the Dominican Republic.